$200M Tokens Unlock Scheduled This Week

Krutika Adani

Galxe (GAL)

Galaxe is about to unlock 3 million additional tokens on 5th July or 2.6% of its current circulating supply of 115 million GAL. A previous unlocking event on June 5th, a month earlier caused a 45% crash in the crypto.

Hashflow (HFL)

Hashflow is about to unlock 13.62 million tokens on July 7th which represents 3% additional tokens in its current circulating supply of 406 million tokens.

Ethena (ENA)

On 7th July, Ethena will also unlock 14.89 million tokens. The unlock is a very small fraction of tokens considering its total supply at 1.61 billion ENA.

What Are Token Unlocks

Token unlocks are the events where tokens granted to stakeholders at the start of a project are unlocked for free use. Owners may keep them or sell them depending on their choice.

How To Prepare for Token Unlocks

If the unlocks are greater than 1% of the totken supply or if the price is declining, a user should exit from such tokens. This is because unlocks have a great chance of bringing a crash in the token price.