5 Top Crypto Airdrops For July 2023

Adekunle Joshua

Binance x Trust Wallet Giveaway: Binance takes Trust Wallet promotion to new heights! Win a share of 50,000 ARB tokens valued at $58,000. The promotion runs from June 21 to July 4, 2023

Vela Exchange: Vela Exchange is currently organizing a Beta Airdrop meant for the users of their Beta version. Rewards will be in the form of VLP Tokens.

EtherMail: EtherMail has announced a 250 EMC for users who signup on their platform. There are an additional 250 EMC for each successful referral too.

Bitcoin Button on Binance: Bitcoin Button is a game that lets users earn Bitcoin when they click on the button on this page within 60 seconds

Infinity Games x Zealy Airdrop: Infinity Games is a blockchain system that supports the interoperability of Dapps, specifically blockchain games. The total pool of rewards is about $90,000 worth of NFTs from upcoming games like Infinity Heroes