Analyst Thinks Ethereum ETFs Might Prove Disappointing

Krutika Adani

Analysis by Noel Acheson

Crypto analyst Noel Acheson believes Ethereum ETFs would be more disappointing than Bitcoin ETFs.

Low Hype

The primary reason stated by Noel is that there is less hype around Ethereum ETFs, which might make them less popular than Bitcoin ETFs.

Little to No Impact on Price

Despite an expected sluggishness in Ethereum ETFs, the price of ETH won’t be impacted due to Ethereum’s dominance in DeFi markets.

Analyst Suggests Wait and Watch

However, to understand the full effect of ETFs on price, analysts suggest observing the performance of these ETFs in the coming months.

Bitcoin ETFs Took 3-4 Months to Impact Price

Despite their approval in early January 2024, Bitcoin ETFs took until late April to show their full impact on BTC prices.