Analytics Firm Flags Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and XRP as Buying Opportunities

Krutika Adani

Report by Santiment

Santiment highlights that Dogecoin is 46% down from its 2024 high, Shiba Inu is almost half, and XRP is down 30% from its 2024 high.

Cryptos Ready for Accumulation

Santiment believes these price levels are good accumulation levels for investors.

Who Is Buying

The analytics firm also mentioned that patient traders who had not had a chance to buy earlier had a nice buying opportunity at these levels.

Will Doge, Shiba, and XRP Rise Soon?

Santiment mentioned all the cryptocurrencies are supported by solid fundamentals and might eventually become bullish.

Levels to Watch For

To regain bullish momentum, Dogecoin must reach $0.165, Shiba Inu must cross $0.0000244, and XRP must stay above $0.55.