Arkham Bounty Reveals $160 Million in Suspected Terra Wallets.

Adekunle Joshua

Arkham Intel Exchange marks a groundbreaking moment as two anonymous on-chain sleuths crack a significant case, claiming the platform's inaugural bounty

Investigator "glorified accountant" uncovers undisclosed wallets holding over $160M in digital assets tied to Terraform Labs and its founder, Do Kwon!

New wallets containing 5,200 BTC contradict Luna Foundation Guard's claim of just 313 BTC reserves!

LFG's crucial mission to maintain the dollar-peg of TerraUSD (UST) relied on BTC reserves, but UST and LUNA collapsed in May 2022, wiping out an estimated $40B of value

The bounty issuer retains exclusive rights to the information for 90 days under Arkham's policy

Terraform Labs' founder, Do Kwon, faced detention in Montenegro for four months on charges of using forged documents. He also faced multi-billion-dollar fraud accusations by the SEC in February

CEO Miguel Morel calls for a balanced perspective on information sharing in the crypto world. Transparency is vital, but protecting privacy is equally crucial!