Bitcoin Might See a Parabolic Rally to $100k Soon

Krutika Adani

Price Stuck Between $60k and $70k

Despite the halving period being long over, the price of Bitcoin has been stuck between $60k and $70k.

Support and Resistance

Bitcoin has strong support near $65k and $60k, with strong resistance at $70k and then at $72.3k.

Strong Parabolic Rally Ahead

Experts predict that a rally might soon take Bitcoin towards $100k, led by post-halving benefits and a surge in ETF inflows.

What Stops Bitcoin Now?

Despite predictions of a strong rally, Bitcoin has been plagued by miner sales in the post-halving period.

History to Repeat Soon

However, eventually, we expect Bitcoin to follow its historical trend of a strong post-halving rally, similar to that in 2016.