Blast Team Launches Airdrop Event for Users

Krutika Adani

Blur Co-Founder Launches Blast Airdrop

Layer-2 platform Blast announced its airdrop yesterday.

100% Airdrop Divided Between Blast Gold and Blast Points

The airdrop has been divided into two equal parts, Blast Point and Blast Gold.

How To Claim Blast Points?

Blast introduced Blast Points based on users’ interaction with Blast and the number of “blocks” present in their wallets.

How To Claim Blast Gold?

Blast Gold is reserved for developers, but they can also reward users who interact with and use their Dapps.

About Blast

Blast is an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution founded by Blur founder Tieshun Roquerre, a.k.a. “Pacman.”