Can Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Bounce Back after Weekend Slump?

Adekunle Joshua

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been consolidating under specific price levels for weeks.

The market’s fear and greed index is currently neutral, making it difficult to predict the market’s direction.

An ethereum whale has moved nearly $40million worth of Ether into Coinbase, which could be a sign that the whale is planning to sell.

BItcoin is currently sitting at the $29,000 zone, and it is unclear whether the bulls or bears will prevail in the coming days.

This week on Friday, Bitcoin fell again into the bearish zone by as much as 0.3% while remaining below the 29,500 level.

Ethereum, Bitcoin’s biggest rival, has also declined along similar lines, with a 0.25% gain over the last 24 hours.

According to the tweet below from, these contracts are worth a whopping $2.08 billion, with a maximum pain point of $29,000, which is very close to the price of Bitcoin on the spot market right now.

According to another tweet from Whale Alert on Twitter, another Ethereum whale has moved nearly 40 million dollars of Ethereum into Coinbase.