Can Ripple’s $25M Donation Help XRP Achieve $1?

Krutika Adani

Donation to Fairshake Super PAC

Ripple has donated $25 million to the crypto lobby group in hopes of pro-crypto policies.

Help Pro-Crypto Candidates in US Elections

Ripple’s donation might prove to be critical to helping pro-Crypto candidates secure a better election result.

More Pro-Crypto Candidates

The Ethereum ETFs were approved with major support from the FIT-21 Act, brought by a bipartisan team of pro-crypto candidates.

Boosts ETF Expectations

After the success of Ethereum ETFs, both retail users and institutions have been hopeful for an XRP ETF.

XRP to $1

If an XRP ETF is launched, it might lead to a giant boost in its price. There is a high chance that XRP might even cross $1 upon launch.