CertiK Identifies Critical Vulnerability in Solana's Saga Phone

Adekunle Joshua

Recently, CertiK alleged a 'critical vulnerability' in Solana's Saga phone, referring to it as a 'bootloader unlock' attack

This attack enables a malicious actor to install a hidden backdoor

However, Solana Labs' spokesperson promptly asserted that CertiK's claims were baseless

Solana Labs responded to CertiK's recent video by refuting the 'inaccurate' claims about a potential security vulnerability in the Saga phone

According to CertiK's report, this attack can compromise sensitive data, including cryptocurrency private keys

In response, Solana Labs clarified that unlocking the bootloader and installing custom firmware requires multiple steps, and it is only possible after the user unlocks the device with a passcode or fingerprint

The Solana Saga phone, released in April 2022, aimed to integrate crypto apps into tech hardware.