Crypto Hacks and Scams Rise in Q2 of 2024

Krutika Adani

Hacks and Scams Nearly Double in Q2, 2024

Compared to the first quarter of 2024 (Jan-Mar), the second quarter saw a twofold rise in crypto hacks and scams.

Ethereum and BNB Chains Become Top Targets

Ethereum and BNB emerge as the top targets among blockchains, as both host many cryptocurrencies.

Dmm and Btcturk Are Top Targets Among Exchanges

DMM and BTCturk account for nearly 60% of all losses among all centralized exchanges.

Rising Markets Give Way to Scams

Bullish markets often give way to more such crimes as new users are often unaware of basic security practices.

How To Stay Safe?

Common practices like key safety, checking the genuineness of websites, and basic crypto security practices are enough to avoid most scams.