Crypto Slangs Every Beginner Needs to Know

Adekunle Joshua

DAO: It is one of the popular crypto slang terms which refers to decentralized autonomous organizations

DEX: DEX is an acronym for a decentralized exchange

Diamond Hands: In the crypto community, diamond hands refer to traders who will hold, and not sell crypto, regardless of market fluctuations

Flippening: The term flippening refers to the potential moment when Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin and becomes the biggest crypto in terms of market capitalization

FUD: FUD stands for “fear, uncertainty, and doubt”

Degen: It primarily describes someone who makes significant financial commitments to dubious and risky cryptocurrency projects

Mooning: This indicates that the price of a cryptocurrency is rapidly increasing

ATH / ATL: ‘ATH’ stands for”All Time High” while ‘ATL’ means “All Time Low”