Crypto Slangs You Need To Know In 2023

Adekunle Joshua


A person who holds a very large quantity of a particular coin or token is known as a whale.


Mooning is a term used to describe a sudden and significant increase in the price of a cryptocurrency, often accompanied by high trading volume.


The abbreviation for “do your own research” is DYOR.  It is a reminder for cryptocurrency investors to conduct their own due diligence and investigate the potential risks and rewards of a particular investment.

Bitcoin Maximalist

A Bitcoin maximalist is someone who thinks Bitcoin is better than all other cryptocurrencies and is the only one that is valuable.


Cryptojacking is a type of crypto crime that involves stealing a computer and using it to mine cryptocurrency.


The abbreviation BTD means to “buy the dip”. Its a phrase that suggests buying a cryptocurrency when its price drops, in the hopes of profiting from a future rebound.


FOMO is an abbreviation for “fear of missing out”. It describes the anxiety or excitement people feel when they believe others are getting opportunities they are not.