Crypto Wallet Provider Gnosis Introduces Self-Custodial Visa Debit Card

Adekunle Joshua

Gnosis, a leading crypto wallet provider, introduces their new self-custodial Visa debit card, revolutionizing the payment experience in the crypto space

With Gnosis' new debit card, users maintain full custody of their funds, providing enhanced security and control over their digital assets

Gnosis' Visa debit card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, enabling seamless spending of crypto funds directly from your wallet, eliminating the need for pre-loading

Gnosis' debit card initially launches in EU, EEA, and UK, with plans for expansion into the US, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and Hong Kong in Q4

Gnosis' debit card supports various cryptocurrencies and stablecoins

Gnosis' innovative layer-2 protocol on Gnosis Chain ensures scalability and enables seamless integration with Visa's off-ramp requirements, providing a robust and secure payment experience

Gnosis' debit card comes with a user-friendly web app and a physical card

Gnosis Pay is in talks with wallets like Zerion, Bankless, and 1Inch to use their infrastructure for issuing cards