Elon Musk Blasts Apple for GPT Integration

Krutika Adani

Criticized in Harsh Terms

Elon Musk has strongly opposed the integration of GPT on Apple devices, citing security concerns.

Threatens Ban on Apple Devices

Musk vehemently opposed the integration of GPT with Apple devices, threatening to ban them from all of his companies if the integration continues.

OpenAI and Apple Collaboration

Apple has integrated GPT with Siri, creating a new feature called "Apple Intelligence" aimed at providing a better user experience for Apple users.

Fall in Apple and OpenAI Stocks

The fallout has resulted in a price crash in Apple stocks despite a bullish market.

OpenAI and Privacy

Sam Altman’s OpenAI and Worldcoin have been under investigation worldwide for unfair usage of user-generated content and their approach to user privacy.