ETF Inflows Dry as Bitcoin Price Struggles

Krutika Adani

Negative Inflows in June

After the 7 June, Bitcoin ETFs have been seeing zero to negative inflows for most of the month.

Reason for Bad Performance

Bitcoin's price has been stuck in a narrow range of $62k to $65k, which has caused investors to worry.

Factors Keeping Bitcoin Down

Major factors that have caused selling pressure on Bitcoin are miner sales, government sales, low demand in the market, and profit booking by large investors.

Inflows Might Revive Soon

The last major inflow was seen on 28 June, which has again sparked hopes that once Ethereum ETFs are launched, the news could trigger a rally in crypto markets.

Levels To Watch

If Bitcoin's price falls below the $60k support level, it might trigger another market selloff, as $60k has been an average buying price for many investors.