FireBlocks Exec Says Bitcoin DeFi Is Still Risky

Krutika Adani

Shahar Madar Raises Concern

FireBlocks VP of Security, Shahar Madar says that the level of security in Bitcoin’s DeFi applications is still not enough.

Too Early

Shahar added that however, it was too early to judge the Bitcoin DeFi applications.

New Crypto Custodians Better Equipped

Despite key compromises ruining crypto safety, Shahar sees new institutions better equipped to deal with such issues.

Future Outlook

The ability to quickly iterate and deal with the current issues is the best way forward, Shahar adds. He said projects must keep researching, improving, and building to keep their edge.

Bitcoin DeFi TVL Surpasses 1bn

Despite being at a nascent stage, Bitcoin’s on-chain TVL has crossed $1 billion. The growth was more than 263% in 2024.