Five Major Events in Crypto Last Week

Krutika Adani

MT Gox About To Sell $2.7bn in Bitcoin

A mid-week speculation that more Mt Gox is about to return all the Bitcoins to its users led to a crypto market crash.

Justin Sun Offers To Buy the German Government’s Bitcoin

To minimise the impact of the German government’s 16,309 Bitcoin sale, Justin Sun has put forth an offer to buy all the Bitcoins from the German government.

20 Major Hacks in Crypto

Peckshield revealed that in June, crypto markets saw crypto worth $176 million stolen in 20 major and minor hacks.

OpenTensor Shuts Down Bittensor

After a $8 million hack, OpenTensor was forced to shut down the AI-model trading platform Bittensor.

Ethereum Foundation Email Hacked

In a shocking event, the Ethereum Foundation’s email service was found to have been exploited. The hackers reportedly gained access to “”