Global Surge in Crypto ATM Installations

Krutika Adani

17.8% Growth Over the Last Year

Globally, crypto ATMs have witnessed 17.8% growth over the last year.

Numbers at Pre-Crypto Winter Levels

Crypto ATMs that were once halted by the crypto winter have almost reached their pre-winter levels at 38,279.

USA Leads, Canada Second

The US dominates 82% of global crypto ATMs, with Canada as a distant second at 7.7%.

Australia Shows 17X Growth in Crypto ATMs

Surprisingly, Australia's crypto ATM numbers have grown 17x in the past two years, with 1707 machines in total.

37.3% Countries Now Have Crypto ATMs

Globally, as of July 2024, 72 or 37% of all countries now have a crypto ATM.