How Did OKX User Lose $2 Million?

Krutika Adani

Deepfake AI Scam

An OKX user lost $2 million worth of crypto via a Deepfake scam. The hackers reportedly used an AI-generated video to bypass security checks.

Funds Drained In 24 Hours

The user's funds were reportedly drained within 24 hours.

Personal Information Leaked

The personal information of the user was leaked from their Telegram account as per Wu Blockchain.

Sites Like OnlyFace Aid Scammers

Security experts warn that websites like OnlyFake, which can produce highly realistic fake videos, are making deepfake technology more sophisticated and a powerful tool for scammers.

No Response Yet From OKX

As per media reports, there has been no response from OKX or from its cybersecurity firm Slowmist.