How To Store Bitcoin Private Key as Colors?

Adekunle Joshua

Bitcoin developer Entero Positivo introduces "BIP39Colors," a tool that hides your key inside a rainbow

BIP39Colors converts your 12 or 24-word mnemonic phrase into a series of colors

You can then convert the colors back into your original seed whenever needed. It's like a secret language that only you can understand

Mnemonic phrases are essential for generating private keys in Bitcoin wallets. BIP39 standardizes this process, making it easier to recover your crypto if you lose your device

Unlike writing down your words, hiding your crypto in colors is discreet and clever

Colors can be stored in various files: HTML, CSS, or even a PNG color palette. Your private key can be right under their noses, yet they won't realize it

By leveraging the flexibility of color storage, BIP39Colors makes it harder for governments to seize someone's Bitcoin

Recovering the seed only requires the presence of all colors, not their order.