Is the Surge in Crypto and Bitcoin ATM Scams a Growing Concern?

Adekunle Joshua

Crypto ATMs offer an easy way to buy or convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency

Users can insert cash or debit cards into these specially designed machines

The global number of crypto ATMs has dropped from around 7,000, with a significant impact in the United States, where only about 26,700 of these ATMs are currently installed, compared to approximately 1,500 in other parts of the world

Increasing regulation aims to curb fraudulent activity around #crypto ATMs, driven by concerns of theft and scams

There have been over 46,000 victims reported in 2021 alone, with $1 billion stolen

In the United States, crypto ATMs are being regulated and registered to combat money laundering, and California's governor has signed a bill to limit daily transactions to $1,000 per person and cap transaction fees at $5 or 15% starting in 2025

Crypto operators express concerns about excessive regulations, arguing for a more balanced approach

They advocate for identification measures to flag suspicious activities while addressing the issue of crypto scams

The future of crypto ATMs holds promise with improved technology, facilitating easier crypto transactions.