Kia and Hyundai Embrace Hedera Blockchain for Carbon Emission Tracking

Adekunle Joshua

Kia & Hyundai, two of the world's largest car manufacturers, adopt Hedera's blockchain for Supplier CO2 Emission Monitoring System (SCEMS)

Hedera Hashgraph's unique approach to DLT sets it apart from Bitcoin & Ethereum. Data transfer on a directed acyclic graph enables referencing data from any block in the blockchain lifespan

Hyundai's Head of Materials Research believes blockchain tech is key to managing carbon emissions & fostering sustainable supply chains. Real-time carbon tracking on Hedera Hashgraph makes sense for car manufacturers

While Polygon (MATIC) is a top choice for big brands, Hedera's partnership list continues to grow. Hedera's unconventional blockchain tracks data from anywhere on-chain with full EVM compatibility

The collaboration between Kia, Hyundai, and Hedera shows the potential for blockchain to tackle climate change and revolutionize supply chains.