Latest Insights From The XRP Live Price Chart

Krutika Adani

XRP Stuck At $0.5?

The price of XRP has slid a little below $0.5 casting doubts on its potential rally.

Unable to Rally Despite Market Growth

While crypto markets have rallied, XRP has continued to remain stuck at its $0.5 price level.

SEC’s Case Against XRP Drags Price

The institutional sales part of the case continues to drag XRP’s price as uncertainty looms. Additionally, the $2 billion fine on Ripple adds to the uncertainty.

Ripple Only Won Partially in 2023

In 2023, Ripple’s win against the SEC was only partial, as the court ruled that the retail programmatic sales of XRP were not securities.

Institutional Sales Trial Continues

As of June 2024, the institutional sales of XRP are being reviewed by the courts, and it may take several more months before any ruling is made.