Litecoin Beats Bitcoin and Ethereum in Network Activity

Krutika Adani

Daily Active Addresses Beat Bitcoin and Ethereum

A surge in Litecoin’s daily active addresses has beaten market leaders like Bitcoin and Ethereum at 800k active wallets yesterday.

What Does It Signify?

Litecoin’s surge shows that more users have been using it as a medium of exchange, which could lead to greater fee revenue.

Rally Expected Soon

Based on the increased network activity, a rally can be expected soon, and the price might soar above $100.

Price Might Crash to $57.6

If the cryptocurrency loses support at $74.5, it might crash to the next support at $57.6.

Will Litecoin’s Journey Sustain?

Litecoin was designed as an efficient alternative to Bitcoin, with faster transactions and lower fees. The network is fast and agile but lacks features such as smart contracts, dapps, and DeFi.