Markets Will See $100m Token Flood This Week

Krutika Adani

$100 Million Token Unlocks

Crypto markets are about to see a $100 million token unlock this coming week as projects are set to reward their teams, investors, and early supporters.

Top Tokens Unlocking This Week

The top tokens scheduled for release this week are the Manta Network (6.67 million MANTA), Space ID (78.5 million ID), and Pixels (54.38 million PIXEL).

After a 3.7 billion zkSync Unlock Last Week

Just last week, we saw an airdrop of 3.7 billion tokens from zkSync, which essentially sank its price.

More Selloffs Expected

This week, as the token unlocks happen in a sideways market, we can expect more selloffs in tokens with weak volumes.

What To Do?

If you hold these tokens, it's better to either sell them and buy them at a lower price or stay invested for the long term to avoid harming your portfolio.