MetaMask Wallet Introduces Ethereum Pooled Staking

Krutika Adani

MetaMask Unveils Pooled Staking

MetaMask has enabled pooled staking, allowing users to pool their funds and stake them for rewards.

Pooled Staking Provided by Consensys

The pooled staking will be provided by Consensys, which also owns MetaMask.

Not Available in the UK or the US

The feature is not yet available for users in the UK or the US. However, it is expected to be released for them soon after receiving the necessary approvals.

99% of Holders Don’t Have the Required ETH for Staking

MetaMask also revealed that less than 1% of ETH holders have the minimum amount of 32 ETH required for staking.

Why Users Participate in Staking

Ethereum is a proof-of-stake blockchain, and staked ETH increases the platform's security. In return, ETH stakers receive rewards for their contributions.