Michael Saylor’s Microstrategy Borrows Funds To Buy More Bitcoins

Krutika Adani

$500M Proposal to Buy BTC

MicroStrategy, one of the largest crypto holders, has proposed buying Bitcoin via convertible notes worth $500M.

Offer for Institutional Buyers Only

Only those investors who qualify under rule 144 of the SEC Act of 1934 are allowed to invest.

Aggressive Buying

Microstrategy has always bought Bitcoin despite all odds, even while sitting on a giant $1 bn loss during the crypto winter.

Michael Saylor Predicts BTC at $350k by 2024

MicroStrategy founder and former CEO Michael Saylor predicted that Bitcoin could reach $350k by the end of 2024.

Don't Get Carried Away by FOMO

Rather than buying in FOMO, investors should do their own research before buying Bitcoin.