North Korean Using $3 bn Worth Stolen Crypto for Weapons Program

Krutika Adani

The Infamous Lazarus Group

Leading all the hackers, the Lazarus Group, backed by the North Korean government, continues to be the most notorious yet successful group of criminals.

Notable Hacks

Axie Infinity ($624 million) and Harmony Protocol ($100 million) are two notable cases linked to these hackers.

UN Report Highlights Defi Hacks Lead

A report submitted by the United Nations reveals that defi hacks continue to be the main source of crypto for these hackers. The other sources are individual wallets and phishing.

Russia Might Be Helping Launder Funds

A possible nexus between North Korea and Russia to launder funds has also been reported, as both countries continue to be on the US Sanctions list.

$1 Billion Laundered So Far

The North Korean-based hackers are reported to have already laundered $1 billion from their $3 billion stash. The proceeds have been used for weapons research and development.