Over 70% of ADA Addresses Underwater

Adekunle Joshua

Over 70% of Cardano (ADA) addresses are underwater on their holdings, meaning their token value is below current market prices

In other words, only 26.4% of ADA addresses are in the green, which indicates that 1.16 million addresses bought ADA below current market prices

Around 100K ADA addresses are breaking even at current prices

Despite its stagnant price growth, Cardano's adoption continues to grow steadily

Cardano's DeFi ecosystem has reached an all-time high of over 446 million ADA-locked, showcasing its popularity and trust

DeFi protocols on Cardano allow users to engage in various financial activities without giving up custody of their funds

Minswap dominates Cardano's TVL with a 36% share, enhancing the platform's ecosystem and boosting its value

Cardano's TVL growth is currently being driven by the demand for alternatives to traditional banking and centralized exchanges

Users are flocking to Cardano for its scalable and secure infrastructure, addressing concerns about privacy, security, and control

Memecoin SNEK experienced a 200% price upsurge, showcasing growth even during reduced trading volume

Cardano's rising popularity and adoption are making it a popular choice for users seeking decentralized options and a vibrant ecosystem