PancakeSwap Launches Revenue Sharing Pool (RSP) for CAKE Token Stakers

Adekunle Joshua

PancakeSwap is launching the Revenue Sharing Pool (RSP), giving a weekly 5% cut of trading fee revenues to Fixed-Term CAKE stakers

The RSP starts on August 9, benefiting Fixed-Term CAKE stakers in two ways: APR from staking CAKE continues, and they'll get tangible yields from PancakeSwap's v3 trading fee revenues

To receive rewards, users need to choose the "Claim" option in the Locked CAKE Benefits pop-up on the PancakeSwap platform

According to DeFiLlama, PancakeSwap has a $326M market cap and $356M in staked tokens! Its annualized trading volume is an impressive $174B

PancakeSwap's Revenue Sharing Pool promises a sustainable model for CAKE token holders, allowing them to share in the exchange's success

The RSP distributions will be quarter shares of revenue rewards from June and July, distributed weekly on Wednesdays at 23:59 UTC