Polygon PoS Considering Merger with AggLayer

Krutika Adani

Polygon Hints at Merger with Agglayer

Polygon has shared that its community would be voting on a proposal regarding the merger of AggLayer and its PoS chain pool.

Part of Polygon’s zkPoS Evolution

The connection would help Polygon evolve its zero-knowledge Proof of Stake ecosystem.

Why the Merger?

As a direct result of the merger, Polygon's PoS chain will have access to $2 billion more in shared liquidity than it does now.

Benefits of Shared Liquidity

Shared liquidity will allow the development, transfer, or bridging of more assets on its PoS chain, thereby increasing revenue.

Polygon Emerges as the Biggest L2

Polygon has a $6 billion market cap and is the largest L2 solution.