Quick Tips To Avoiding A Fake Crypto Wallet

Adekunle Joshua

Crypto wallet holds the crypto holdings of a user

Decentralized wallets allow their users to store private keys without the intervention of a centralized organization

One of the tricks of some unscrupulous elements in the crypto space is to either create a fake wallet or try to gain access to the wallets of others

Skip the Ads : Ignore those ads because they may be phishing attempts and use the first website from the search results

Avoid inputting your seed phrase in any website :Scammers program bots on social media, especially Twitter, asking people to input their seed phrase into a website, stating that they will help solve any issue linked to their crypto wallet

Check the URLs: When trying to download a crypto wallet app on your device, check the URL of the website

Confirm from official channels: A DeFi protocol may not have a wallet designated for its activities, and some may use that to their advantage to float a fraudulent crypto wallet