Research Shows Ethereum ETFs to Gain $5B AUM in 2024

Krutika Adani

Report by K33 Research Agency

A report by the research agency K33 shows that Ethereum ETFs might gain inflows between $3.1 billion to $4.8 billion within the next five months.

Repeating Bitcoin ETF Success

The Ethereum ETFs might soon replicate the success of Bitcoin ETFs, which have seen inflows of $1.8 billion to date.

Analyst Eric Balchunas Differs

Eric Balchunas opines that whatever metrics we see for Bitcoin ETFs, we may divide by five to estimate Ethereum ETFs' success.

ETH Futures Indicate Higher Response Than Predicted

Despite all predictions, ETH Futures ETFs suggest that the spot ETFs might be more successful.

ETH Futures ETFs Hold One-Third Compared to BTC Futures ETFs

Data from CME shows that Ethereum Futures ETFs have one-third the AUM compared to their Bitcoin counterparts.