Ripple CTO and Cardano Founder Clash Over SEC's ETHgate

Adekunle Joshua

Ripple CTO David Schwartz criticizes Cardano's Charles Hoskinson, alleging SEC's preferential treatment of Ether. The controversy centers around the "ETHgate" conspiracy theory.

ETHgate claims Ether received special treatment, avoiding security classification, while other assets like XRP face regulatory uncertainty

Hoskinson defended Ethereum in an AMA, citing public SEC documents. He denies corruption, suggesting regulatory favoritism

Schwartz counters, labeling favoritism linked to personal interests as corruption, adding fuel to the debate

XRP community questions Hoskinson's stance, citing his past as an Ethereum co-founder. Doubts arise about potential bias in downplaying ETHgate claims

Hoskinson's departure from Ethereum in 2014 and subsequent creation of Cardano intensify the debate. Accusations of bias heighten amid the controversy.