Ripple CTO Warns of Phishing Scam on X

Krutika Adani

Rise in Crypto Scams

Amid a rise in crypto scams in 2024, Ripple CTO David Schwartz has issued a warning to the XRP community about phishing scams taking place on X (formerly Twitter).

David Shares an Example of a Scam

He shared an image from user @3YearLetterman, where scammers claimed to be from Twitter’s support team.

Malicious Links

After users respond to the message, they receive a link. Clicking that link can be fatal for their crypto balances.

Discards Claims of Being Satoshi Nakamoto

Schwartz has also denied claims of him being Satoshi Nakamoto, addressing numerous rumors and messages he has received.

Rise in AI Leads to More Complex Scams

With the rise of AI, scammers can now easily impersonate others' voices, copy their writing styles, and even generate deepfake videos.