Ripple (XRP) Price Continues to Struggle

Krutika Adani

Stuck at $0.50

XRP’s price has been stuck at the $0.50 level for way too long. The coin has been quoting this price since the crypto winter in 2022.

Price Slides Below 20 DMA

XRP has slid below its 20-day moving average, which signals short-term bearishness.

Despite Winning Against SEC

Ripple’s win against the SEC sent the crypto to $0.88, but it soon came crashing down.

No Impact of Broad Market Rally

Despite Bitcoin going 4x, Ethereum going 3x, and memecoins going 13x, the price of XRP has been stuck at $0.50.

Bull Rally Ahead

After a short slump, experts have predicted a strong rally that might take XRP above $1.