SEC Returns Back on Its $2 Billion Fine for XRP

Krutika Adani

SEC Rejects Ripple’s Binance-like Argument

The SEC rejected Ripple's argument that Binance's case was similar to XRP and that the same logic should be applied to both cases.

Did Ripple Get Overconfident?

Ripple’s decline of SEC’s settlement offer of $103 million might have backfired.

SEC Backtracks on Its Settlement Plan

After Ripple’s arguments, the SEC has now once again moved on to its $2 billion fine demand.

Ripple Might Have To Fight the Case Longer

At this moment, it seems that the case of SEC vs Ripple might drag on longer than expected.

Should You Buy XRP?

Several experts view this as an opportunity to buy XRP. At press time, XRP quoted a price of $0.43, down 10.5% over the week.