Solana Memecoin Mania Takes Dangerous Path

Krutika Adani

Memecoin Dare Gone Wrong

In an attempt to fulfill a dare, a Solana memecoin developer named Mikol accidentally set himself on fire after soaking himself in rubbing alcohol.

Third-Degree Burns

The developer sustained third-degree burns and had to be immediately hospitalized.

The Memecoin Was Themed on Dares

Mikol developed the memecoin called “Trust or Dare” ($DARE).

Over-Reliance on Hype

Memecoins have increasingly relied on hype to gain popularity. This often leads to finding new ways to make the coin noticed in public.

Memecoin $DARE Crashed 64%

On DexScreener, the memecoin crashed 64%, showing that Mikol’s stunts were not liked by the market.