Solana Price Target: Polymarket Traders See $170 Breach

Krutika Adani

Price Prediction

Traders on Polymarket bet $200k for Solana ETFs, and their price is expected to cross $170.

Despite Low Chances of ETF Approval

Despite 7% chances of ETF approval, Polymarket traders are positive for a price breakout in Solana.

Memecoins Get Bullish on Solana

Coupled with Polymarket traders, memecoins like Dogwifhat also get bullish on Solana.

Incoming Bounceback

The reason for such high bullishness is that SOL might be ready for a bounceback from current levels of $138.

Levels to Watch For

Traders now keep an eye on the levels of $141-$146, above which the chances for a bounceback are the highest. The target for the bounceback seems to be at $170 for the time being.