Solana (SOL) Overshadows DOGE, MATIC, XRP in this Metric

Adekunle Joshua

Solana is one of the most liquid altcoins on Coinbase. This means that it is easy to buy and sell SOL without affecting its price too much.

Solana is more stable than other cryptocurrencies in the current market downturn.

A new tokenized version of Bitcoin, called tBTC, is being launched on the Solana network. This could drive the price of SOL up.

Solana appears to be in a rebound phase from the $22.39 support level.

The technical indicators for Solana are positive, suggesting that the price could continue to rise.

Solana’s fundamental and technical indicators have been no joke this year.

CoinMarketCap even calculates that SOL went down by more than 90%, from its $260 all-time high in November 2021