Top 5 Features Every Crypto Wallet Should Have

Krutika Adani

Key Phrase Backup

Lost or compromised keyphrases could wipe your entire portfolio. Secure keyphrase backups or using safer ways to recover them must be featured in all wallets.

Easy User Interface

As new users embrace Web3 and crypto, it is essential that crypto wallets do not pose a serious learning challenge for them.

Cross Platform Support

If a wallet does not work on multiple platforms such as exchanges, defi protocols, NFT project sites among others, that would create a very bad user experience.

Multi Token

Wallets that cater to only single cryptos or to a specific blockchain are far less popular than multi-token wallets.

Real-Time Conversion Rates

Without real time conversion rates, it would be too difficult for a person to calculate their total assets, profits, losses and returns on investments.