Uniswap Labs Urges SEC To Stop Proposed Amendments

Krutika Adani

SEC’s Proposed Amendment

The SEC has sought to amend the definition of an exchange to a new one, including DeFi protocols like Uniswap.

Against a Vanished Legal Backdrop

As per Uniswap, the backdrop against which SEC has proposed the new amendment no longer exists.

Uniswap Urges the SEC To Discard the Amendment

To prevent an unnecessary litigation battle, Uniswap has urged the SEC to drop the amendments.

Extending SEC’s Power Too Far

As per law experts, the SEC’s move to include DeFi exchanges and swapping protocols into its authority could extend its already limited budget.

SEC’s Amendment Is Unlawful

As per Uniswap, the courts would reject the SEC’s new definition of an exchange.