VanEck Predicts $22k Ethereum, Cites 9x Ecosystem Growth Since 2020

Krutika Adani

Ethereum At $22k

VanEck expects Ethereum’s price to reach $22k by 2030, primarily due to parabolic growth in its users and the Ethereum ecosystem.

9x Growth Since 2020

Ethereum’s ecosystem has grown more than 9 times since 2020. This growth has propelled more innovation and, consequently, more users. In 2020, there were around 250k daily users.

2.25m Daily Users

By Q1 2024, the Ethereum ecosystem had witnessed more than 2.25 million daily users, with most of them coming from layer-1 users and L2 solutions like Polygon and Arbitrum.

Dencun Upgrade Played a Critical Role

The Dencun Upgrade facilitated lower L2 fees, resulting in an increased number of users in layer-2 solutions.

750k More Daily Users Added in 2024

The bull run of 2024 has led to 750k more daily users for Ethereum since the start of the year.