What Are Blue-chip NFTs?

Adekunle Joshua

Blue-chip NFTs are highly valuable and prestigious tokens within the NFT market, comparable to blue-chip stocks in traditional finance

These NFTs are sought after for their reputation, quality, and potential long-term value appreciation

They often feature famous artists, creators, or businesses with a proven track record

Blue-chip NFTs can possess certain qualities that contribute to their prestige, such as being iconic collectibles or having historical and cultural importance

Rarity and exclusivity are common traits of blue-chip NFTs, with limited quantities or unique characteristics that enhance their value

Identifying blue-chip NFTs requires research, involvement, and awareness of the NFT market

Keep track of credible artists, established projects, and significant NFT-related events

Examples of blue-chip NFTs:  CryptoPunks, BAYC, CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot