What Are Crypto Payment Gateways And How Do They Work?

Adekunle Joshua

Payment gateways are the intermediaries that collect payments from the customer and transfer those to the vendor’s account after collecting a small fee for their services.

Payment gateways take care of all these and offer a package solution to vendors.

On-Chain gateways transfer cryptocurrencies from one address to another within the blockchain. There is no cash involved here.

Off-Chain gateways are wallet-centric payment gateways that transfer cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another.

Bitpay. It is perhaps the most well-known crypto payment gateway.

Paystand. Paystand offers B2B crypto payments. The platform is built on SaaS and blockchain.

Crypto Bucks. Earlier, it was known as Aliant Payment.

Coingate. Coingate offers payment gateway services for crypto with WooCommerce and Magento integrations.

Coinbase. Coinbase also offers a payment gateway with integrations with popular cryptocurrency platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.