What Is a Sim Swap Hack?

Adekunle Joshua

Online identities face significant risks, including SIM swap attacks

SIM swap attacks involve taking over a victim's phone number to gain access to sensitive accounts

In 2021, the FBI received over 1,600 complaints with losses exceeding $68 million

Security experts warn that SIM swapping is on the rise and could continue to grow if security standards aren't improved

Performing a SIM swap hack doesn't require advanced technical skills

Attackers often rely on publicly available information or social engineering tactics

Protecting against SIM swap attacks requires proactive measures. Use app-based authentication methods like Google Authenticator or Authy instead of relying on SMS

Employ multi-factor authentication, enhanced account verification, and strong PINs/passwords for SIM cards and mobile accounts to prevent SIM swapping

Platforms must promote safe 2FA practices, educate users about SIM swapping risks, and implement additional verification measures to safeguard user accounts