What is a Vaporware? This Can Help Identifying Genuine Projects

Adekunle Joshua

A Vaporware is seen as a crypto platform that has remained a mere concept, and it does not have a working product

When a project is a Vaporware, it may be worked on by the development team, and it is not yet available to the public

Sometimes, it may merely be a concept, and no one is actively working on it. In this aspect, people may see the project as being dead

When a project is announced months or years before it is released to the public, it is Vaporware

Usually, those behind this type of project spend a lot on marketing it without a working product available to the public

Many projects that undergo ICOs belong to this category

ICO stage, most projects do not have a working model, meaning that investors are only buying the tokens in the hope that the development team will release a product to the public in the future