What Is Ordinal Bitcoin?

Adekunle Joshua

Bitcoin has made significant advancements by introducing the Ordinals Protocol, allowing it to be on par with other NFT-enabled blockchains.


The Ordinals Protocol allows users to add images, text, and videos to a single satoshi (the smallest unit of Bitcoin), similar to an NFT token on Ethereum or Solana.


The types of data that can be actively inscribed on a Satoshi include images (JPEG, PNG, SVG, WEBP), video files, PDF files, application codes, JSON codes, and audio files.


This protocol is the latest advancement that enables NFT-like capabilities on the Bitcoin network.

source-Crypto Adventure

Casey Rodarmor initiated the Ordinals, and the first inscriptions were made on December 14, 2022.

source-Coin Geek

At the start of February, the number of inscriptions (mints) for the Ordinals surged, with 473 added on February 3, 2023, bringing the total count to 1,152.

source-Motion Array

The Ordinals Protocol holds great promise, particularly with the increased number of mints and the cryptocurrency market's steady recovery.

source-Wallpaper Flare

The success of the Ordinals Protocol, in turn, will increase Bitcoin's market cap dominance over the total crypto market cap.

source-Crypto News