What Is the Altcoin Season Index?

Krutika Adani

Measuring Altcoin Season Gains

The altcoin season index measures the altcoins' performance compared to Bitcoin, which helps identify the onset of an altcoin season.

Left End Signifies Bitcoin Season

The Arrow towards zero (Bitcoin) end shows the prevalence of Bitcoin season and its increased dominance.

Right End Signifies Altcoin Season

If the arrow goes towards 100 (Altcoin end), it shows the prevalence of an altcoin season.

Previous Altcoin Peak

The last peak in an altcoin season was on 22nd Jan 2024, when the index reached a score of 78 and fell sharply afterward.

Today’s Altcoin Season Index Score

Today, the Altcoin index has a score of 16, which shows that we are deep inside a Bitcoin season.